The Institute of Western and Southern Slavic Studies, University of Warsaw

The Faculty of Polish Studies, University of Warsaw

The Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences


The Slavic Foundation


the international conference

The Experience of Faith in Slavic Cultures and Literatures

in the Context of Postsecular Thought


Warsaw, 16–17 October 2017




Monday, 16 October 2017:

New University Library (room 256)

9:00-9:30 Registration

9:30-10:00 Opening

10:00-10:30 Keynote lecture

Dr Srđan Sremac

Religious and Sexual Nationalism: Theo-Politics of Blasphemy in Central and Eastern Europe

10:30-12:30 Panel discussion: A Specific Nature of Contemporary Religious Experience

Chair: Prof. Dr hab. Stanisław Obirek

Participants: Dr Roman Kečka, Dr Kamila Klingorová, Dr Srđan Sremac, Dr Yuri Stoyanov, Dr hab. Agata Bielik-Robson, Prof. IFiS PAN, Prof. dr hab. Nonka Bogomilova


12.30-13:00 Coffee break

13:00-14:00 Module 1: Religion beyond Orthodoxy

Presenters: Mgr Paula Kiczek, Mgr Magdalena Maszkiewicz, Dr Nemanja Radulović (20–25 min. presentations)

Chair: Dr hab. Danuta Sosnowska

Mgr Paula Kiczek (Institute of Western and Southern Slavic Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland)

Faith beyond Doctrines – Faith in Dialogue: Reflections on the Philosophical Anthropology of Milan Machovec

Mgr Magdalena Maszkiewicz (Intstitute of Slavic Studies, Jagiellonian University, Poland):

Unorthodox Experience of Faith in Ivan V. Lalić’s and Miodrag Pavlović’s Poetry: A Comparative Study

Dr Nemanja Radulović (Department of Serbian and South Slavic Literatures, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia):

The Reception of the Book of Veles and the Disenchanted World


14:00-15:00 Lunch break

15.00-16:00 Module 2: Religious Experience in Gender Perspective

Participants: Dr Kamila Klingorová, Mgr Dominika Gapska (20–25 min. presentations)

Chair: Prof. Dr hab. Nonka Bogomilova

Dr Kamila Klingorová (Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic):

Women’s Everyday Experience of Religion and Spirituality in Postsecular Czechia: A Geographical Approach

Mgr Dominika Gapska (Institute of Slavic Philology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland):

Women’s Spirituality in Postsecular Serbia




16:00 -17:00: Module 3: Belief or Mockery – A Real Alternative?

Participants: Dr Tsvetelina Dimitrova, Mgr Elżbieta Benkowska (20–25 min. presentations)

Chair: Dr Yuri Stoyanov

Dr Tsvetelina Dimitrova (Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences):

Sacred Places and National Identity: The Case of Chepino, Velingrad, in South-Western Bulgaria

Mgr Elżbieta Benkowska (Faculty of Languages, University of Gdańsk, Poland):

We believe only in BKS… Religious Motifs in the Chants of Polish and Serbian Football Fans



17:30 Reception




Tuesday, 17 October 2017



Prof. Dr hab. Ivo Pospíšil (Department of Slavic Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic):

The Secular, the Sacred, and the Three Stages of Postsecular/Post-Postsecular in Russian Literature: Past and Present


11:00-11:15 Coffee break


11:15-12:45 Panel discussion: Secularisation, Desecularisation, Postsecularism

Participants: Dr Karina Jarzyńska, Dr Michał Warchala, Prof. Dr hab. Stanisław Obirek,
Prof. Dr hab. Ivo Pospíšil

Chair: Dr Roman Kečka


12:45-13:15 Coffee break



13:15-14:45 Module 4: Literature, Religion and the Search for Methodology


Participants: Dr hab. Anna Gawarecka, Dr hab. Danuta Sosnowska, Dr hab. Grażyna Gyłybow, Dr Ewelina Drzewiecka

Chair: Prof. Dr hab. Ivo Pospíšil

Dr hab. Anna Gawarecka (Institute of Slavic Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland):

Surprise or Approval? The Picture of Religious Experience in Vyhnanci (The Exiles)
by Františka Jirousová

Dr hab. Danuta Sosnowska (Institute of West and South Slavic Studies, University
of Warsaw, Poland):

Postsecular versus Postmodern Interpretation? The Religious Issue in Czech Literature after 1989

Dr hab. Grażyna Szwat-Gyłybow (Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences):


Weak Thought, Deep Trace: Observations on the Migration of Ideas in the Balkans


Dr Ewelina Drzewiecka (Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences)

Postsecular Thought and Literary Studies: New Perspectives




14:45-16:15 Lecture and film presentation

Dr Magdalena Lubańska (Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University
of Warsaw, Poland):

Post-Memory of the Suffering of the Homo Sacer in the Region of Subcarpathia, Poland: A Post-Secular Anthropological View

Presentation of the film Not to Judge by Magdalena Lubańska and Pawlina Carlucci Sforza (35 min.)


International conference „The Experience of Faith in Slavic Cultures and Literatures in the Context of Postsecular Thought” receives financial support from the funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland) allocated for activities disseminating science (DUN) according to the contract no. 695/P-DUN/2017.