Dear Authors,

As you know, we are going to publish articles presented during the Conference ”The Experience of Faith in Slavic Cultures and Literatures in the context of Postsecular Thought." It will be an ebook, reviewed and published in open access by the end of 2018. Could you please submit your texts by 28th February 2018. Your articles must be written in English. Our panellists are also kindly requested to prepare their presentations in a written form.

Please find the author`s guide below. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact the secretary of the conference: mgr Paula Kiczek <paula.kiczek[at]>.


General requirements


We accept original, unpublished works, which are not submitted for publication elsewhere (in books or journals) before the appearance of our edition.

The author is supposed to inform in a footnote about all persons who contributed to the article, but only about the ones who really participated in its creation (we wish to avoid any cases of both ghostwriting and guest authorship).

Every article should be accompanied with a signed statement of the originality of the text and of the absence of any conflicts of interest related to the text. Copyright transfer agreement is signed with the authors of articles accepted for publication. Copyrights are transferred to the publisher of the publication.

If the article is associated with a research project funded by a grant from an institution or association, the author is supposed to inform about it in a footnote.


Typescript preparation


Length of articles: 15-25 pages of standard typescript (c. 1800 characters per page including single spaces).

Text files should be submitted in the formats: doc, docx or rtf. If any special characters (e.g. non-Latin fonts) are used, an additional pdf version of the text should be sent.

Keywords should be given after the title of the article (up to five words).

The text should be accompanied by a brief summary (about a half page) in English. Number of signs with spaces should be no more than 150 in title; 254 in keywords; 2994 in English summary.

After the name of the author, the name of the institution represented, its unit and location (town) should be given. All authors are asked to give their title or degree, contact address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Short quotations should be given in quotation marks, all other ought to be indented from the left and typed in a smaller font, without italics. Please translate foreign-language quotations into the language of the article (in a footnote).

References in footnotes should follow The Chicago Manual of Style/ Humanities (details are available on the website: ). The elements of bibliographic description should be separated with commas. Please use Latin words /abbreviations (most commonly used are: op. cit., ibidem, idem, eadem, et al., ed., trans., vol., no., s. l., s. a., vide, cf.).

For the sake of better legibility of texts all shorter paragraphs should be clearly distinguished (by indenting their first lines) and the article ought to be divided into parts with separate subtitles.

If the article is accompanied with illustrations (including photographs), their precise titles, sources, authorship and copyrights should be given. We do not publish illustrations taken from the Internet – the author might refer to them in a footnote, giving their Internet address.

Authors are requested to add a list of full names which appear both in the main text and footends. However, the page number should not be given as well as the surnames which occur only in titles.